freistilbox for Drupal is the next evolutionary step from our DrupalCONCEPT hosting that we launched in 2010 and are still operating for a lot of customers. With its new architecture, freistilbox adds lots of Drupal-specific optimisations.

Expert support

The Drupal specialists in our team have all the expertise necessary to keep a Drupal website fast and reliable. And if any problems arise, you will always have qualified help with solving them.

Optimized caching

In freistilbox for Drupal, we optimized the content caching layer for Drupal’s URL structure. This way, we make the caching of static files possible even for websites that still use Drupal 6 (which normally doesn’t allow content caching). This special cache configuration also knows which Drupal URLs must not be cached (e.g. AJAX endpoints).

Pre-built configuration files

For every website, freistilbox for Drupal provides you with ready-made configuration snippets that you can simply include in your settings.php file. That way, you don’t need to configure details like database credentials, proxy addresses and Memcached servers manually any more.

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Switching from DrupalCONCEPT

If you’re a DrupalCONCEPT customer, well, first of all: You rock, thanks for your loyalty! Second, we highly encourage you to consider switching to freistilbox! Our freistilbox hosting platform has all the features of DrupalCONCEPT and we work day and night to improve it. Since its creation, we’ve put a lot of additional effort into giving you the best Drupal hosting experience possible. It’s also important to note that we’ll only be able to provide security updates for DrupalCONCEPT servers until April 2015.

freistilbox DrupalCONCEPT
100% optimised for Drupal
100% optimised for WordPress
Ongoing development
Long-term security updates
Built-in load balancing
Enterprise-class server hardware
Easy scale-out on demand
Instant deployment
Strong staging support
Dedicated Varnish cluster
Dedicated database cluster
Dedicated storage cluster
Dedicated Solr cluster
Dedicated shell login server