Fully managed hosting for Drupal

It's our mission to let our customers focus on what they do best: building amazing websites. That's why we take care of even the smallest tasks necessary to run an Enterprise Drupal Hosting infrastructure. Around the clock, every day.

freistilbox is designed for business-critical Drupal websites. With its high performance hosting architecture, a freistilbox cluster can serve millions of page impressions per day. And because we've built redundancy into every component, websites hosted on freistilbox can easily reach high availability of 99.9% or more.

If you're a Drupal shop looking for Managed Drupal Hosting, freistilbox is the perfect choice for you.

Here are a few examples of brands and organisations that have chosen freistilbox as their Managed Drupal Hosting platform:

They all know their websites are in the best of hands. Would you like to enjoy the same peace of mind?

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Our Drupal customers enjoy a long list of advantages:

freistilbox Conventional hosting
100% optimised for Drupal
Expert Drupal support
Multi-server architecture with load balancing
Enterprise-class server hardware
Easy scale-out on demand
Automated deployment
Strong staging support
SSL offloading
Varnish content cache
MySQL database cluster
Memcached application cache
File storage network
Solr search engine
Tika PDF indexing
Dedicated shell login server
Pre-built Drupal configuration

Ready to get your Drupal website started on freistilbox?

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