Meet me at DrupalCamp Cork!

I’m on my way to Dublin where I’ll take the AirCoach bus to Cork. For the coming two days, the local university will be the venue for DrupalCamp Cork. Judging from the list of participants, Drupalcamp Cork is going to be a nice, small gathering of Drupal users from all over Ireland. I like it already.

Tomorrow, I’ll participate actively by giving a talk. I’ve submitted it as “Building a high-performance system stack” but I’ll shorten the title to “Supercharging Drupal”. In this talk, I’ll cover the most common ways of optimizing Drupal performance on the hosting layer.

I’ll also see if there’s an opportunity to demonstrate how easy it is to launch a website on freistilbox.

If you’re in Cork for DrupalCamp, be sure to say hello to me! Who knows, I just might invite you for a beer. And if that’s not enough: Order your new freistilbox cluster during the conference through me and get the first month for free!