Heading to DrupalCamp London

Tomorrow, I’ll fly to our neighbor island for DrupalCamp London and Markus is going to join me on Friday. Together, we’re going to breathe some community air again and get a feel for what British Drupal shops need in terms of hosting.

With 600 attendees, DrupalCamp London is going to be an impressive event! There will be 30 community sessions as well as BoFs and sprints across the weekend. I’ll certainly try to at least attend the “Next Generation DevOps” and “Concurrent Programming” talks. I’m also looking forward to the Drupal CxO meet-up on Friday before the actual conference.

For Markus and me, it’s a valuable opportunity that we’ll be at the same place at the same time for a change. That’s why we’ll stay a few more days more after the weekend to do important strategy work for 2014 together.

We’re very excited to meet a lot of enthusiastic Drupal developers In London! So, if you’d like to join us for a pint and talk about your Drupal hosting needs, simply drop us a line via email or on Twitter!