freistilbox comes to DrupalCamp North East

In terms of Drupal events, there is no summer break; the best example being the DrupalCamping going on in Wolfsburg at the moment. I’m so sad that my schedule doesn’t allow me be there and camp with my German Drupal friends!

Fortunately, I get to attend DrupalCamp North East in Sunderland next weekend. I’m very much looking forward to fly over to the UK again for the third time this year because I enjoy the Drupal community there as much as the ones in Germany and Ireland.

Since community is one of our core values at freistil IT, we try to participate at these events as actively as possible. I’m proud to announce that my session proposal about “ DevOps with Drupal” has been accepted and I’ll do my very best to explain how embedding development in operations and vice versa can improve working with Drupal in a great way.

If you’re also going to be at DrupalCamp NE next weekend, give me a shout via Twitter! I’ll happily arrange sharing a few drinks and great news about our new Partner Programme!