freistilbox gets excellent rating for SSL security

The risk that unencrypted web communication creates for both website owners and individual website users can be significant. That’s why encrypting traffic via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) has become indispensable for both B2C and B2B websites. If you are transmitting sensitive private data over the internet, SSL is an important additional security layer.

But simply enabling SSL in a web server configuration file isn’t enough any more. Over time, the SSL/TLS protocol suite has become more complex and, unfortunately, a popular target. BEAST, Heartbleed, POODLE and now FREAK - these are only the better publicised exploits that threatened encrypted communication on the web over the recent years.

Additional to performance and availability, security is also a key factor that defines the quality of our Managed Hosting Platform. That’s why we’re putting significant effort into continuously optimising the setup of our dedicated SSL offloaders. These machines run at the edge of our infrastructure and take the compute load that decrypting traffic to and encrypting traffic from our customers’ websites creates off your Drupal and WordPress boxes.

The result of our efforts is that Qualys SSL Labs gives freistilbox an excellent A rating:

Qualys test freistilbox

With the Qualys SSL Server Test, you can see for yourself how well other hosting providers secure their customers’ web traffic:

Qualys test acquia

Acquia: The ELB engineers at Amazon obviously have done their homework.

Qualys test pantheon

Pantheon: Solid but room for improvement

Qualys test wpengine

WPEngine: Very good with only a tiny flaw

Your customers trust that you take their security seriously, and losing this trust can break your business. That’s why running your Drupal and WordPress websites on our managed hosting platform is the right thing to do. Our engineering team has only one goal: to let you work efficiently and — just as important — sleep peacefully.