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Let's meet at the European Drupal Business Days!

Next week, the Radisson Blu hotel in Frankfurt will be the venue for the European Drupal Business Days. We’ve been the go-to hosting experts for European Drupal shops for more than seven years now, so of course freistilbox will be there, too!

From Thursday on, executives, marketing and tech leads from Drupal agencies all over Europe will meet in Frankfurt to tackle topics like brand communication, content management, strategy and leadership. Trust me, it’s a great idea to join us!

There will be keynotes by three of the smartest minds in the content business:

  • Collin Müller, Hubert Burda Media: Drupal at Hubert Burda Media — Lessons learned in Thunder’s first year
  • Zach Chandler, Stanford University: Content Management and Microservices: A Unifying Strategy for the Distributed Enterprise
  • Dr. Jürgen Kütemeyer, trio-group: Brand Communication 4.0

On top of that, there’s a great lineup of speakers covering three session tracks, Digital Transformation, Technology Leaders and Digital Government. I’ve been invited to share my IT management experience in two talks: In How to bake a cake while juggling chainsaws, I’ll explain how we saved our sanity (and probably our business) by embracing lean IT processes. The second talk, Building resilience in IT teams will be a useful overview of methods to prevent burn-out in yourself and your team.

This is going to be a great Drupal event, and if you haven’t registered yet, I recommend you get your ticket immediately — there’s only a handful left!

Win a free ticket to DrupalCon Baltimore!

Still on the fence if you’re going to DrupalCon Baltimore? This might be your chance of getting in free of charge!

Since I had already bought my DrupalCon ticket when my talk Captaining a container ship: Docker orchestration with Kontena got accepted, we’ve got a spare DrupalCon ticket. Community is an important part of our company culture, so I thought: What better way is there than to make the day of a fellow Drupal community member by giving them a free DrupalCon ticket?

All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow @freistilbox on Twitter
  2. Click the following link to send us a tweet that completes the sentence:

I’d like the #DrupalConNA ticket from @freistilbox Drupal hosting because…

We’ll pick the winner randomly from all our followers who sent us the tweet above before Wednesday, April 12th 2017, 0:00 GMT.

No purchase is necessary to take part in the giveaway. The ticket may not be resold or transferred.

There’s not much time, so send us your best tweet right now!

Say Hi to Simon!

If you’ve sent us a support request in recent weeks, there’s a high probability that you got in contact with Simon, the newest member of our web operations team. He joined us in December 2016 and has already contributed an impressive level of work. Over on our company blog, we’ve just posted an interview with Simon in which he shares his professional background and what attracted him to the freistil way of Hosting by Humans. His description of our company culture makes us really proud!

I’m sure he’d love it to get a shout out from you, so go and say Hello!

In the sign of the raven: freistilbox at DrupalCon Baltimore

For the first time in our company history, freistilbox will be represented at a North-American DrupalCon! In only a few weeks, I’m going to board my flight to Baltimore. Not only will it be my first DrupalCon outside Europe, it’s actually my very first trip to the United States. I’m so excited!

Would you like a first-hand introduction to our managed web application platform and our Hosting by Humans strategy that ensures your Drupal hosting is a full success? Get in touch — there’ll be plenty of opportunity to grab a coffee (or a beer) and talk DevOps!

Speaking of DevOps: I’m proud that I’ve been invited to give a talk about Kontena, the Open Source Docker orchestration platform that allows us to easily and securely manage a huge number of interconnected containers. Kontena is so simple to set up that it’s the perfect tool for web development teams. Drop by room 310 on Tuesday at 12:00 and I’ll teach you how to set up a Drupal cluster on any infrastructure in less than 30 minutes!

Going to DrupalCon Baltimore, too? I’d love to hang out, so give me a shout!

freistilbox supports the Splash Awards 2017

When you look up our company’s core values in the freistil IT Runbook, you’ll find that community is one of them. That’s not only because we’d like to think our team is held together by more than just employment contracts. It’s also because with Open Source Software, we’re working in a space that teaches us the power of community every day.

Recognising the people who contribute to this community in an exemplary way and showing appreciation for their work is important. While there are more people who get payed to work on projects such as Drupal or WordPress than 10 years ago, the huge majority of Open Source contributors still invests their personal time and money in an altruistic fashion. And although a myriad of businesses use Open Source Software, only a few of them actually engage in the community that’s building it.

That’s why we at freistil IT think that the Splash Awards are a great idea. Let’s shine a light on people and businesses who help both the Drupal project and the Drupal community grow and improve! The Splash Awards started as a yearly event in the Netherlands and will be coming to Germany this week. At a great venue in Hamburg, the Drupal community will honour companies and individuals doing outstanding work in the following categories:

  • Social
  • Publishing/Media
  • Engagement
  • Architecture
  • Government
  • Education
  • Tools/Apps
  • Commerce

And on top of the awards in these categories, a deserving Drupal hero is going to be named Drupalista of the Year.

We’re more than happy to support the Splash Awards as a Gold Sponsor and I’m looking forward to presenting one of the awards myself!

And if you’d like to join the party, simply give us a shout — we have a few free tickets to give away!

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