How to force Varnish to update cache contents

The Varnish proxy cache stores data allowed for caching according to the HTTP headers that your website delivers. After the cache lifetime of a specific content object has expired, Varnish removes it from its cache and requests an update from the backend web servers.

Cache invalidation via Drupal module

If you’d like to delete stale cache content directly from Drupal, use the Purge module. It works in conjunction with the Cache Expiration module, can be triggered by Drush and can even be extendend by using the Rules module.

Configuration is straightforward, just set Proxy Url on admin/config/development/performance/purge to (make sure to replace cXXv with the correct cluster number, e.g. c42v).

Manual cache invalidation

To manually remove a certain content object from the cache, you can send a PURGE request from the command line:

curl -X PURGE http://my.dom.ain/path/to/the/content

This command will remove the object referenced by the URL from the cache.

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