freistilbox Changelog


  • We have activated a Web Application Firwall to protect against the recently published, highly critical Drupal core vulnerability PSA-2018-002. Additional rules will be added in future as the need arises.


  • We’ve disabled TLS v1.0 in our infrastructure to maintain PCI compliance as previously announced on our blog (

  • We’ve made php 7.1 available on all clusters, selectable per website via your freistilbox dashboard.

  • We are now creating a site metadata file for each website that is availalbe on both web- and shellhosts. This file can be parsed with any JSON library, making the meta data of your site availalbe e.g. for your PHP application or any job on the shell host. See for more information.


  • We’ve fixed a bug in the handling of YAML errors in the Boxfile. The aborted deployment then left stale lock files, preventing any further deployment. Now, Boxfile errors will be properly logged.


  • We’ve disabled the Query Cache on our database clusters, improving query throughput by a factor of 3x to 4x. MySQL is going to completely remove this feature in the next major version.


  • You can now assign a deployment branch for each individual application instance, making staging workflows more straightforward.


  • Upgrades of the following PHP 5.3 clusters to multi-version setup: c55, c56, c66, c80, c87, c92, c98, c103, c109


  • We’ve added a big red button that lets you remove web applications from your cluster. At this time, they only go offline; content isn’t deleted.




  • Upgrades of the following PHP 5.5 clusters to multi-version setup: c130, c131, c133, c134, c135, c137, c138, c139, c140


  • Upgrades of the following PHP 5.5 clusters to multi-version setup: c116, c125, c127, c128, c129


  • Upgrades of PHP 5.5 cluster c126 to multi-version setup.


  • Upgrades of PHP 5.5 cluster c100 to multi-version setup.


  • In Varnish setups for WordPress we now allow caching of URLs containing feed/. Caching was disabled for these before.


  • Added changelog :)
  • installed wkhtmltopdf v0.12.2 on freistilbox. It’s path is /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf. There’s also wkhtmltoimage to create images instead of PDF files.