Keeping your data protected

Protecting the data of our customers and their website users is one of our most important jobs. That’s why we have put IT infrastructure and processes in place that ensure that your data stays available 24/7, but only for whom it is meant.

Redundant storage

freistilbox manages website content in at least two copies on our database clusters. Our file storage clusters store asset files in at least three copies. That way, your application data stays available even during partial outages or maintenance work.


All application data, i.e. database content and asset files, is backed up automatically once every 24h. The backup infrastructure is completely independent from the file storage cluster for maximum failure tolerance.

Additionally, you can (and should) use your shell access box to create offsite backups using command line tools like mysqldump or add-ons like the Backup & Migrate Drupal module.

Data protection compliance

freistilbox is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our IT infrastructure is located exclusively in data centres in Germany owned by a German data centre operator. We do not store any web application data on infrastructure of non-European businesses or in locations outside of the EU. In case you require a formal Data Protection Agreement, we have a simple online signing process in place.

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