High-availability file storage

On common managed hosting products, your web application and all of its files are stored only on a single web server. If this server fails or needs to go down for maintenance, your website is offline immediately.

On freistilbox, your Drupal or WordPress application gets deployed to a number of web application boxes and a dedicated shell access box. The distributed architecture of freistilbox uses a separate storage system to save and retrieve asset files like images and documents.

This storage system consists of a central management node and a group of storage nodes. The management node makes sure that every file is always saved to 3 different nodes. In the case of a storage node failure, the management node will maintain redundancy by triggering new copies of every file stored on the failed node. Should the management node itself fail, a standby management node will be activated.

This storage architecture allows freistilbox to provide you with extremely high availability — of your asset files and your website as a whole.

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