Content cache

Every freistilbox plan includes a content cache based on Varnish, a powerful open source reverse HTTP proxy. According to its developers, Varnish can speed up your website by a factor of 300-1000x. Here’s a video that explains how Varnish achieves these amazing performance improvements:

The freistilbox content cache passes web requests to your web application servers and stores the delivered content. For a defined time, all future requests for the same content will be served directly from the cache. This means lightning-fast content delivery and fewer backend resource requirements.

The Content Cache allows your website to scale without adding backend capacity. No matter the number of visitors or requests, Varnish Cache helps your site match demand. It also makes your website more failure-tolerant. During an outage of your web application, Varnish Cache will still be able to serve cached content to your website visitors.

That’s why the Content Cache is often one the most critical components in your managed hosting setup, ensuring a reduction in backend server load by up to 89 percent while handling hundreds or thousands of simultaneous visitors.

By continuously tuning its configuration, we make sure that the freistilbox Content Cache delivers optimum performance for both Drupal and WordPress applications. freistilbox also supports Cache Tags (e.g. with the Varnish Purger module for Drupal) for immediately refreshing the cache when content is updated.

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