Fast and simple application deployment

There is nothing simpler than deploying a web application to freistilbox: Just clone your application’s Git repository from freistilbox to your workstation, make the necessary changes, and use git push to publish them back to our managed hosting platform. With freistilbox, the whole mess of FTP uploads and trying to track changes manually is a thing of the past.

Use the staging environments included in every freistilbox plan to build a development workflow for your Drupal or WordPress application. You can set up 3 staging environments on freistilbox Solo and as many as you want in the higher plans. Assign them different Git branches and see the results of your changes directly on our managed hosting platform. You could even go on from here and build a Continuous Integration (CI) process to automate your tests and releases.

Get all the details that make freistilbox a world-class hosting platform for Drupal and WordPress, in one single document.

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