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Support levels

We offer two levels of technical hosting support:

Here are our support services in detail:

Services Standard Support Enterprise SLA
Access to online documentation
12x5 support response
(Mon-Fri 08:00 to 20:00 CET)
Unlimited support requests
Live support via email
System configuration assistance
Application configuration assistance
Deployment assistance
Problem diagnosis
Guaranteed availability
24x7 support response
Priority response for support requests
Proactive capacity upgrade
Performance tuning
"Remote Hands" system administration
Private Slack channel

Enterprise Service Level Agreement

Customers who upgrade to an freistilbox Enterprise SLA receive all the benefits of Standard Support plus the services listed below.

Guaranteed availability

The freistilbox Enterprise SLA defines an average service uptime of 99.9% per month. In the event we miss this goal, customers get a refund.

24x7 support response

In the case of critical issues causing application unavailability or site downtime, we help you get your site online again at any time of day.

Support requests received outside of our office hours are automatically forwarded to an on-call support agent who gives you immediate feedback how we are going to handle them.

Priority response for support requests

We will check and respond to your support requests ahead of Standard Support tickets already waiting in the queue.

For each request severity level, we guarantee a defined maximum response time:

Priority Description Target response
Urgent Production application is completely down or unusable 30 minutes
High Production application is up, but is negatively impacted 4 hours
Normal General support requests 1 business day
Low Questions, requests and suggestions 3 business days

Proactive capacity upgrade

In case your website experiences an unexpected traffic surge, we'll proactively boost the capacity of your boxes to the next higher size (S→M, M→L etc.). This upgrade is provided free of charge for a limited time.

Performance tuning

Enterprise SLA customers have direct access to our skilled system engineers who help you with optimizing your application for our hosting platform. This includes help with the following issues:

"Remote Hands" system administration

We take care of administration tasks that you can not or don't want to do yourself. For example, importing database dumps or manually triggering a batch job.

Private support chat

With an Enterprise SLA, you get direct access to our engineering team in your own private Slack channel.

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