SSL Offloading

All web requests directed at freistilbox first reach our Edge Routers. These machines are responsible for forwarding each request to the right freistilbox cluster. They also have built-in SSL offloading. This feature enables you to install your own SSL certificates and let your visitors use secure connections for sending and receiving critical content.

On the technical side, this approach takes the computational load for encrypting and decrypting web traffic off all other platform components. With other hosting providers, SSL is handled by the same web server that runs your web application. On freistilbox, your application boxes can use their full capacity for one single purpose: Executing your application code as quickly as possible.

And there’s also another performance benefit: Since the Edge Routers forward all traffic to your cluster’s Content Cache already unencrypted, freistilbox gives you maximum caching efficiency not only for HTTP traffic but also for secure connections.

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