SSL certificates

SSL certificates, sometimes called digital certificates, are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser (user’s computer) and a server (your website). The SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card information, exchanged during each visit (session). Whether you need to secure one or many domains, we provide you with a full line of SSL certificate products to meet your needs.

See our SSL documentation on how to set up your web application with SSL once we’ve installed your SSL certificate.


If website security is your number one priority, owner-validated SSL certificates from DigiCert are the best choice. DigiCert SSL certificates convert your data into impenetrable code using data encryption up to 256 bits and the SHA-2 algorithm. DigiCert upholds the highest standard for key sizes and a hybrid cryptosystem that utilizes the best of both asymmetric and symmetric encryption.

There are several parts to the owner validation process. First, DigiCert will verify that the company requesting a certificate is in good standing. This can include confirming good standing and active registration in corporate registries as well as fraud, phishing, and government restricted entities and anti-terrorism databases.

Additionally, DigiCert verifies that the organisation requesting a certificate is, in fact, the organisation to which the certificate is being issued. This is especially true with Extended Validation SSL Certificates which require a series of extensive identity verifications.


Single-name SSL certificates provide encryption and authentication for one domain. Because of DigiCert’s innovative use of Subject Alternative Names, a certificate for will also work with

Lifetime Price Price per year
DigiCert SSL Plus, 1 year 199.00 € 199.00 €
DigiCert SSL Plus, 2 years 369.00 € 184.50 €

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A standard SSL certificate would only secure, requiring you to purchase an additional certificate for

Wildcard certificates use Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to secure a domain and all of its first-level subdomains. For example, a certificate for * secures,, etc.

Lifetime Price Price per year
DigiCert Wildcard, 1 year 629.00 € 629.00 €
DigiCert Wildcard, 2 years 1,189.00 € 594.50 €

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Other certificates

For a quote on other types of SSL certificates such as Extended Validation or Multi-Domain certificates, please contact sales.


The aim of our domain validation process is to ensure that the individual requesting a certificate does, in fact, have authority to request a certificate for the domain in question.

Domain validation can include emails or phone calls to the contact listed in a domain’s WHOIS record, as well as emails to default administrative addresses at the domain. For example, we would be able to send an authorization email to or, but not In cases where a domain is controlled by a party other than the party requesting a certificate, simple methods are in place to quickly complete the process of getting approval to issue a certificate from the actual domain owner.


Lifetime Price Price per year
RapidSSL certificate, 1 year 29 € 29 €
RapidSSL certificate, 2 years 49 € 25 €

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Lifetime Price Price per year
RapidSSL Wildcard, 1 year 129 € 129 €
RapidSSL Wildcard, 2 years 209 € 105 €

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